The picture above is of my great great grandparents, John and Mary Stacey, and probably their 4 youngest children.
Their youngest son George was born in 1882 so that would date this photograph mid to late 1880s.
I will start my thoughts with John and Mary who are the maternal branch of my family.

Monday, 2 April 2012

More about my father William Cox

These photos were taken in India during World War II.  
Bill with the military band.

 This photo has been labelled by Bill.  "Drums, Retreat - beating."  
I cannot pick him out on the photograph unfortunately.

The second one is labelled "Band and Drums" 
Bill is standing in front of the man who is centre in the group of 5 on the back row. 

This one is just labelled "Drums" 
Bill is 4th from the right at the back. 

This group of photos show my handsome father in his dress uniform. Doesn't he look great!


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  1. What a handsome man Sheila :-) More lovely photos. Do you have somebody in the family appointed as guardian of the photos after you? That's my dilemma right now. A good reason to get them scanned and online, but the originals still need saving, don't they?